• Dear Lisa: Thank you for referring us to Candice Collins. She works well outside the box thinking of strategies that work well with my son. Whenever I asked her for help she came through for us, going the extra mile if needed. No other clinician has been as helpful and resourceful as she has been. It's a relief to finally have someone that not only sympathizes with our situation but also is able to make a difference. We are very fortunate to have found her! Sincerely, ST
  • I decided to complete an Insideout Living Intensive to accelerate my recovery.  This team-based approach towards treatment maximized the individual level of care I received from their highly trained staff.  This approach, coupled with their holistically designed program, equipped me with tools to cognitively, spiritually, and emotionally better manage my life. Although I still have quite a journey ahead of me, I believe the Intensive allowed me to gain a clearer vision of where I am headed, and provided me with tangible steps of how to get there in a concentrated amount of time. ~E.B.
  • "My husband and I recently participated in a 3-day family counseling session with our adult son at Insideout Living.  Our son had been expressing the rapport he had established through one-on-one therapy sessions with Lisa Lackey and was willing to extend the experience to the family level.  While being naturally skeptical that opening old wounds and old histories would lead to anything positive, and having never done anything like this before, we gradually learned that a skillful, intuitive therapist whom we quickly had to trust could open the doors to honest communication.  By the end of the 3 days we had learned how to respectfully express our deepest worries while gaining some tools to recreate that trust after returning home.  The family counseling session was probably the best gift we could have given each other."~K.J.
  • With my addiction exposed, I plunged into the darkest hole I’d ever experienced.  My spouse’s therapist recommended to her that I see Lisa Lackey.  Of course my shame and denial kept telling me I didn’t need therapy, but I begrudgingly showed up for a session.  Things couldn’t get worse, could they?  Since then, I‘ve never stopped going, and my life is slowly transforming in innumerable positive directions.  It was readily apparent from the first session with Lisa that she was there to work “with” me, not “for” me, and that she pushed me to do everything I could to enhance my recovery—well beyond therapy sessions.  Lisa is exceptional at integrating my work in Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) into my work with her, which enriches both my work in therapy and in SA.  I cannot recommend her more highly.  Lisa is a principal reason that my recovery has continued on track and not just to maintain sobriety, but to give my life an entirely new direction full of integrity and honesty and hope. ~Anonymous
  • Recovery is a journey that I could not have taken alone. Today, I am glad to say the intensive therapy I received from Insideout Living helped me tremendously. By using the latest science knowledge about our brains plasticity and by completing daily comprehensive exercises, I was able to better understand the nature of my addiction resulting in a noticeable change in my attitudes and behaviors. The therapists were great, knowledgeable and very professional. ~V.L.