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(Another Freakin’ Growth Opportunity)


So, I’ve been on this “re” thing lately. Sometimes I’m a little slow. I kept asking myself, what is this “re” about? Duh! There it was, an AFGO, in the middle of doing client notes of all things. I was reviewing notes & marveling at the miracle of changed lives. Change–that was difficult to imagine in their early stages of recovery. Change that transformed despair and dread to hope for a better future. Change that reveals (there’s that “re”) a life purpose that was always there, but hidden among the wear & tear of life. Change that re-cycles & re-purposes the wear & tear into an awareness of God’s grace. Change that compels one to share, without shame, their experience, strength & hope with others that are not  yet aware of their own change potential. When I reflected on the stories of these heroic people, it became clear that one common thread that made them the same, no matter their race, gender, economic status, who they loved or where they came from, was that they all gained lifetime membership to the RESILIENCE CLUB. Their experiences purchased them full membership to this club. It automatically renews daily & grows exponentially as they share their stories.


I’m starting to look forward to the next AFGO! LOL!