Our Team

IMG_0589Lisa Lackey, M.A., LCPC, CSAT, CMAT

Chief Engagement Officer


Lisa Lackey has worked in the field of addiction since 1994. Along with her husband Steve Lackey, she co-founded Insideout Living, Inc. in 1999, which was incorporated in 2005. In response to a desire to create spaces for transformative conversations, Lisa and Steve Lackey created and produced, Conversations of The Heart™, a series of seminars, live performances, and study groups, that provide a space to deeply listen and share through the power of personal story. They believe that trauma healing comes from finally completing an emotional experience that may have only been completed as a physical experience long ago. These Conversations™ help people understand how they inadvertently trap the part of story that they couldn’t handle in a hidden storage place within their being. Sharing stories at a later date allows them to access the trapped pain and trauma with supportive others in a sacred and held space where the feelings can be released. “Limbic re-visioning” is about rewiring the neural structure of a person who has suffered trauma or emotional neglect. In order for this to occur, an external example must be present for the limbic brain to mimic. Deep, respectful, contemplative, and heart-based listening that is based on loving acceptance instead of judgment, creates an optimal model for the traumatized limbic system to mimic as it is restructuring.

Lisa is driven by the passion to support persons as they journey toward resolution from the inside out. Her clinical expertise is in the treatment of sexual addiction, childhood trauma, other addictions, and family systems. Other areas of expertise include codependency, depression, and anxiety. While Lisa’s passion is working with couples, she also works with individuals, families, and groups.

Holding two Master’s Degrees, one in Education from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary at Northwestern University and the other in Counseling from National-Louis University, Lisa has worked as a pastor, leadership development consultant, executive and corporate coach, interventionist, and seminar presenter. She further enhanced her skillset by completing the requirements for certification in sex addiction therapy (CSAT) certification in multiple addiction therapy (CMAT), training in Somatic Transformation, and training as a Level II EMDR therapist. Lisa’s passion combine to make her a dynamic and compassionate therapist and an engaging workshop facilitator and speaker who connects as easily with an individual as she does with a large audience.

IMG_0690 Steven Lackey, M.A., ASAT, AMAT

Chief Visionary Officer


Steve Lackey, is co-founder of Insideout Living, Inc. and co-creator of Conversations of The Heart™, a series of seminars that encourage an examined life, personal integrity, and transformation one day at a time. Steve is proficient in the area of sex addiction and multiple addictions that often accompany sexually compulsive behaviors and is earnest in his commitment to support men as they discover and heal past wounds, break unhealthy generational cycles, and connect with their hearts. Additionally, he has expertise in the provision of intervention services for persons suffering from a variety of addictions and is often invited as a presenter at seminars to share on these areas of proficiency.

His conversational style with male clients helps build the trust required to identify and access the trauma that underpins addiction and is often missed or minimized. His deep understanding of the recovery process and keen insight with clients helps him leverage their strength, wisdom, and resilience so that they can heal themselves. Confident that each man has solutions buried under the trauma and addiction, he collaborates with individuals and groups in a 6 step process to: recognize what is happening right now; understand how the addiction and trauma are connected; choose from a broad range of mind, body and spiritual solutions; practice new choices in role-play and real time; evaluate outcomes honestly and openly both individually and in community; and narrate the new conversation about their healing and recovery. Steve is often referred to by his clients as a “man’s man” who is “piercingly direct”, “compassionate and passionate”, “energetic”, and “laser sharp”.

Steve holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology from National Louis University and certifications in sex addiction therapy (ASAT) and multiple addictions (AMAT). Postgraduate training includes: experiential group work, intensive couples therapy, and mindfulness within a 12-Step context, and trauma and addiction treatment. Steve’s previous professional career in public and private sectors focused on providing and directing services for men impacted by addictions, trauma, and relational issues.

GSW_DSC_9648Candice Sherry Collins M.S., LCPC, CSAT

Primary Therapist


Candice is passionate about empowering others to change dysfunctional behaviors and improve their lives. She is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, a Certified Sex Addictions Therapist, and is trained in EMDR and Emotionally Focused Therapy. Candice earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling from National-Louis University.

She has worked extensively with children and adolescents in both developmental and emotional health. In this work, Candice learned a great deal about the complexities of family dynamics and how these factors affect development. She has also spent significant time working with adults in a community agency setting; participating in the treatment of chronic mental illness, crisis intervention and individual and group therapy. She is dedicated to continuing and expanding her work in the counseling field and genuinely enjoys learning in all forms. Candice’s primary focus over the last 4 years has been treating clients that struggle with sex addiction and the under-lying trauma that often precedes this struggle. She is committed to helping clients heal from old wounds and understand how these early injuries may be impacting current relationships.

GSW_DSC_9669Rodney Harris, M.A., Psy.D., ATPSB

Primary Therapist


Rodney entered the mental health field in 2005. At the age of 11 it became clear to him that he wanted to become a doctor to provide hope and healing to those who wanted to improve the quality of their life. Rodney went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan as well as a Master’s and Doctoral degree from the Illinois School of Psychology to make this dream a reality. He has a certificate in Advanced Training in Problematic Sexual Behavior (ATPSB). Rodney gained invaluable experiences through settings such as a psychiatric hospital, community mental health center, residential facility, the Chicago Public Schools and a faith-based counseling center to hone his clinical skills.

Rodney is equipped to serve a variety of clients which include children and adolescents, adults, couples as well as families. As a therapist of faith he is able to integrate spiritual matters into the therapy room for clients who welcome it. Rodney holds specific training in pre-marital and marital therapy in addition to problematic sexual behavior credentials. It is his belief that clients can heal from the inside out when given adequate time, insight and room for growth.

 Rachel Rubenstein, LCSW, CSAT-SGSW_DSC_9686

 Primary Therapist


Rachel Rubenstein is a Chicago based Sex Addiction and Trauma specialist. She completed her Masters in Clinical Social Work from Wurzweiler School of Social Work in New York in 1996, and has a diploma in Clinical Social Work. Upon graduating Rachel worked with older adolescent boys in a residential treatment center, The Children’s Village, the majority of them there as an alternative to incarceration.  There began Rachel’s interest in both trauma and addiction. She then moved to work at an intensive outpatient substance abuse program for adolescents in Brooklyn at The Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services.  In a supervisory capacity she was treating multiple trauma victims who were also medicating their traumas with substances, food, and sexual acting out.  Rachel became trained in the phase based trauma treatment of TFCBT, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that she has seen as highly successful with adolescent trauma survivors.  Rachel implemented this model, as well as The Stair Model for adult trauma victims, and her knowledge of addiction and trauma into her private practice where she has been working full time with adolescent and adult addicts, adolescent and adult trauma survivors, and partners of addicts as well.  Rachel is certified as a Sex Addiction Therapist by Dr. Patrick Carnes’s International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP) as well as a CSAT Supervisor.  Rachel has done several trainings on addiction, codependence, sexuality, and gang violence.