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(Another Freakin’ Growth Opportunity)


Sooooooo, ever been in a situation where you’re the professional & you think, man if they only knew…. Many years ago as an intern in a group therapy session, run by a very seasoned clinician, I dreaded the upcoming week because I was going to be flying solo, she was going on vacation. I secretly prayed, “let everyone be sick, including me.” The dreaded evening came, not only were there no messages that group members were sick & unable to come, they all showed & they were early! I felt absolutely sick to my stomach & was certain that no one would get anything from the group experience. My supervisor was really good; I could never pull this off. Group begins; it is a group that includes role-playing. Every Wednesday & Thursday evening felt like live at the Improv! Why me? I’m sure I’ve made a mistake; this can’t be the career for me. Please nobody have something they want to role-play, please! Well, of course, you guessed it, Another Freakin’ Growth Opportunity. Everyone checked in, everyone seemed in a pretty good place, thank goodness, I began feeling huge relief, until I a voice says….. “I wasn’t going to ask for time tonight, but I’m going to push myself.” What? Please, no pushing, not this evening. In fact this might be a great time to take a break. My plan, as they took a break, I’d break for the door & just keep movin’. No one wanted a break. Noooo, they wanted time to jump in. The group member begins talking about a family issue & her enormous frustration & confusion. She spoke openly about her feelings, even the awkward ones. I wanted her to continue & I must admit I wanted her to stop! But no, she kept right on going, going & going. My stomach starts to get nauseous again, because she’s done and they’re all looking at me to cue them of what’s next. Truth is, I knew exactly how to set this role-play up, not because I was working in my genius zone, but BECAUSE this woman had the nerve to be sharing parts of my story that I was still holding onto. OMG, was this a set up? Yup, Another Freakin’ Growth Opportunity!” As her work began to unfold, pieces that I didn’t know were missing in my own life began to be put together in an amazing way. As I stepped out of my fear & into supporting the group member, we both became unstuck. The lesson? When we feel stuck, move!