Called to Love

      Called to Love by Lisa Lackey In a world within or without, it’s easy to be numbed as a result of being overwhelmed by not being able to find solutions for change. If you’re like me, too often I reach to the intellect to find the answers, only to move farther from solution. Some

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    Turn into the Slide

      AFGO (Another Freakin’ Growth Opportunity)  There are times when life takes twists & turns that lead us to a place we didn’t expect or desire… at least on the surface. It’s like driving on ice & the car feels as though it is losing control. We’re sliding in a direction we’re resisting because of what

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        AFGO (Another Freakin’ Growth Opportunity) So, I’ve been on this “re” thing lately. Sometimes I’m a little slow. I kept asking myself, what is this “re” about? Duh! There it was, an AFGO, in the middle of doing client notes of all things. I was reviewing notes & marveling at the miracle of changed lives. Change–that

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          AFGO (Another Freakin’ Growth Opportunity) Sooooooo, ever been in a situation where you’re the professional & you think, man if they only knew…. Many years ago as an intern in a group therapy session, run by a very seasoned clinician, I dreaded the upcoming week because I was going to be flying solo, she was

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          2014 is here! Ready for a new year of growth opportunities?

            AFGO (Another Freakin’ Growth Opportunity) That’s me (the therapist) in the orange dress; the client is in the pink. Ever been in session with a client, you’re well connected, insightful & you’re absolutely amazed & awe struck as you listen to your client put the scattered pieces of the puzzle of their life together? On

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